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채용제목 Regional Marketing Manager - IMC 채용기간 충원시까지
지원분야  마케팅/마케팅기획    
상세요강 Job Title : Regional Marketing Manager

Reports To: General Manager, Sales & Marketing - South & South East Asia Region

I. Primary focus on the following areas:
- Development of leads generations campaigns and tools for the Corporate Market with
specific focus on Membership, Security and Online services.
- Development & implementation of an effective client (buyer/end user) education
programme - creating innovative ways increase usage of Our company members?services for
both corporate and enhancement sectors and ultimately increase operations/clinics revenue.
- Development of sound communication tools and opening new channels to communicate our
company's brand and core value proposition in order to generate interest and preference for
our company.
- Conceptualise and develop effective sales tools for country and regional business
development teams to communicate our value proposition to target market sectors.

II.Principal Accountabilities
a) Business Development - Leads Generation (Corporate Market)
- Generating awareness/interest - development of lead generation events/campaigns to
communicate the unique value proposition of Intl.SOS and generate interest and preference in
our Corporate Programmes. direct marketing campaigns
- Above touch points include but not limited to organising seminars/workshops, collaborating
with trade and interest groups and key regional conferences/exhibitions for target verticals.
- Product focus for Leads Gen primarily Medical, Security & Online product lines to
prospects as well as the creation of cross selling opportunities to existing customers.

b) Value Creation & Customer Loyalty (Corporate/Enhancement)
- Develop a vibrant client (Buyer/End User) education programme and conceptualise
innovative ways to touch end users in the corporate and enhancement sectors. Aim: to
increase utilisation and ultimately Operations and Clinic revenue.
- Ensure that the above plan reinforce our value proposition and importance of membership to
build customer loyalty and achieve or exceed targeted renewal rates.
- Ensure country marketing teams execute an active and sustained calendar of 몂utreach?
activities to key sectors?end user and buyer groups.

c) Communications - Strategy & Tools
- Align all marketing collaterals, sales presentations and related points of sale with the brand
values and market position of Our company
- Research and test new channels of communication to reach target sectors, target buyers
groups and opinion leaders.
- Position our company as an integrated traveller risk management provider with Online, On
Call and On the Ground capabilities.
- Leverage the joint venture with CRG to position our enhanced security capabilities as
second to none in the world and increase the differentiation of our corporate programmes
with insurance programmes.

d) Increasing Selling Effectiveness
- Develop or refine existing sales tools with Corporate and Enhancement Regional Biz
Development Directors and Subject Matter Experts to align this with core competencies and
unique selling proposition.

III. Management Responsibilities (Line and Function Management)
- Functional - lead and guide the countries?marketing managers to enable them to effectively
run their marketing activities and meet their individual performance objectives and KPIs.
Provide hands-on support to countries without marketing headcount on execution of leads
generation and education initiatives.
- Line ?lead the Regional Marketing Services Group to enable them to effectively support the
countries and achieve their set performance objectives.

IV. Critical Skills & Job Complexity
a) Knowledge and Skills
- At least 8-10 years good marcoms and direct marketing experience with a good part spent
in B2B environment.
- B to B marketing experience in a competitive and solutions based business with direct
marketing, marcoms and some media management experience.
- Developed and successfully implemented strategic and tactical marketing plans in the
above and able to think out of the box.
- Dynamic individual with demonstrated ability to meet/exceed set quantitative objectives in
previous positions.
- Exhibit good leadership and communications skills.
- Exercise sound business judgement and able to respond quickly to opportunities and think
on his/her feet.
b) Additional Requirements
- University graduate, preferably in business studies, marketing or communications
- 4-5 years in a line management position with direct reports in the team
- Candidate would be between 30 ?35 years of age. However specific
marketing/management experience outweigh age requirement.

Resume, Cover letter (WORD File)
email: lauren@peoplecare.co.kr

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