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채용제목 ◆ CRM Consultant 채용기간 충원시까지
지원분야  컨설턴트(IT,금융,전략,경영)    
상세요강 [R&R]
- CRM 전략/프로세스 수립,DW 모델링,OLAP/Data Mining
- Support for pre-sales process, development of proposal and project management of
technical area; data warehousing, data migration, data quality and information governance,
business intelligence, real time BI, operational CRM, analytical CRM, eServices, MDM and
information analysis

- +2yrs of experience in Customer Relationship Management Business Acumen
- Expert in Marketing, customer strategy, Sales Planning
- Various experience in CRM Project
- Bachelor's (undergraduate) degree in computer science or computer-oriented business
degree is preferred
- Business Knowledge: telecom market trends, communications industry-specific technology
and directions
- Project management skills
- Knowledge management skills

[Application Information]
- Resume
- email: lauren@peoplecare.co.kr

[Other Information]
- Salary commensurate with career experience
경력 2년 이상 ~
담당컨설턴트 : 박유리
전화번호 : 011-238-5819
E-Mail : lauren@peoplecare.co.kr
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