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Job Description
1.Installation, setup, configuration, design, backup and recovery for Database(Oracle,
Informix, MS-SQL Server)
2.Analyse, predict, and resolve database, system, storage and application issues
3.Development or deployment support for applications
4.Architect, implement, and maintain database systems, data migration plans, data replication
schemes, and data interface projects
5.Interact with customers to establish database requirements and implement solutions to
those requirements
6.Perform data analysis and loading as required supporting business systems
7.Provide data and database design expertise and coordinate with existing data owners and
logical DBA’s

Desired Experience/ Qualifications
1.Database installation, management, design and support in Database Cluster environments.
2.Strong working knowledge, and professional experience, of database design, optimization,
and support of Oracle, Informix and Microsoft SQL Server.
3.Expert SQL skills including query development, optimization, and schema design.
4.Ability to prioritize and handle multiple tasks simultaneously; attention to detail, and follow
through including documentation.
5.Knowledge of current and emerging technologies for use in database systems.
6.Strong communication and customer service skills
7.Over 3 years field support experience

Desired Skills
1.Oracle, Informix and Microsoft SQL Server Database management skill
2.Good English communication ability.

Preferred Sources
1. Computer engineering or computer science major in University or College

Application Information
- 영문이력서 (국문)
- email: lauren@peoplecare.co.kr

Additional Information
- Located in Incheon
경력 3년 이상 ~
담당컨설턴트 : Lauren
전화번호 : 011.238.5819
E-Mail : lauren@peoplecare.co.kr
(* 궁금한 사항이 있으시면 언제든지 전화나 mail로 문의하세요)
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