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상세요강 About the Job
Global Consulting - Marketing Manager

[Main Roles]
Manages all marketing related activities for an offering(s) including: short and long-term
offering(s) planning, sales support and promotions to contribute to client satisfaction with the
offering(s); market research activities, development and execution of the offering(s) in the
annual Marketing Plan; gathering competitive intelligence to ensure offering(s) superiority and
customer satisfaction; marketing promotion functions, and pricing development that
contributes to the long term success of the product.

- Estimates company's potential in a marketplace and determines offering alternatives to
maximize our potential.
- Drives offering lifecycle management and alternatives to improve the offering, and /or
maximize the profitability of an offering (including sunset or expansion decisions). Ensures
proactive placement of offering in the broader portfolio to maximize penetration.
- Develops innovative combinations of existing our company and third party offering or
external partnerships to maximize client benefits and our market positions. Aligns offering with
corporate strategy and goals. Approves and execute integrated offering plan to successfully
bring the offering(s) to market.
- Creates new offering plans to achieve targeted business results. Drive and monitors the
implementation of existing offering plans against targeted business results. Manages all
dimensions of cost and revenue (which create the offering P & L) for their areas of
responsibility within the overall offering and makes the necessary planning, resourcing or
trade-off decisions.
- Defines complete Go-To-Market plan. Drives the development of specific offering
components and works cross functionally to ensure that offering meet customer needs and
are economically and technically viable and deliverable. Drives client facing teams to
document client needs and engagements in order to support the continued development of
offerings, both in terms of client relevance and development of our service/product delivery
- Leads the development of documents to support client facing teams in terms of client
engagement and methodologies as well as positioning documents.
- Ensures that service personnel are available to support the offering development process
both centrally and within countries.
- Establishes a research plan, identifies information gathering methods and techniques and
vital collection principles. Leverages multiples sources of information and harnesses multiple
approaches or methodologies to optimize research outcomes. Engages and selects third
party research analytics providers to execute market research and analytics activities. Draws
conclusions and makes recommendations for plan of actions generated supported by market
analytics outcomes.
- Establishes market models and simulations based on outcomes of current market research.
Solicits opinions/guidance from experts and our company and in the industry. Participates in
Product and Offering planning and the development of business cases for extensions,
augmentations or new development or business partnerships.
- Considers impact of local, regional and global trends on our products, services or studies.
Understands business objectives of our clients and considers impacts of trends in their
business processes and operations. Is able to assess the role of regulatory changes on a
competitive environment. Forecasts rends, identified potential impacts for clients and acts
directly on information within scope of responsibility.
- Develops understanding of how to achieve objectives of their areas of business line
responsibility and ensures execution of plans. Effectively prioritizes the execution of the
business plan. Is able to make basic trade-off decisions and influence stakeholder to
reprioritize as needed within the context of one뭩 area of business line responsibility. Tracks
and is able to communicate the status of their areas of responsibility within the business line
to a variety of stakeholders at different levels in the organization at any time.

* Marketing
Manages all marketing related activities for a related set of offerings including short and long-
term planning functions, sales support and promotions to contribute to client satisfaction with
the offerings.
Serves as offerings expert for the customer and sales organization, and provides support at
client meetings. Creates and executes supporting business cases and is responsible for
related investment decisions on line extensions and new offering definition.

[Critical Qualifications]
- Bachelor degree or equivalent and a minimum of seven (7) years related Marketing
- Pharmaceutical industry knowledge required
- Excellent communication and interpersonal skills required
- Strong problem solving, analytical, project management and planning skills

[How to Apply]
- CV
- Email: lauren@peoplecare.co.kr
- 010.5238.5819
경력 7년 이상 ~
담당컨설턴트 : Lauren
전화번호 : 010.5238.5819
E-Mail : lauren@peoplecare.co.kr
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