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채용제목 [Recruitment] Payroll Specialist (외국계) 채용기간 충원시까지
지원분야  인사/교육/총무    
상세요강 About the Job
외국계 기업
HR Team - Payroll Specialist
Level - 대리~과장급

This position is to administer a variety of human resources program performing full spectrum
of human resources services
such as salary administration, recruitment, training and employee relations.

1. Payroll & Salary Administration
- Management of salary payout
- Social Securities-report leaving and joining monthly.
- Year –end tax adjustment-collect documents/ provide the information required of staffs.
- Monthly Closing-report payroll/accrual bonus and retirement pension/calculate social
insurance and incentive of employee/check withholding tax
- Report Medical Ins./National Pension/ Employee Tax/ Income Tax/ Residential Tax
- Uploading payroll in SAP
- Prepare all data needed for the Annual Salary Review.
- Calculate incentives such as sales incentives and Overtime cost

2. Retirement Pension
- Calculate retirement pension/Communicate with ***life Insurance/ Pay retirement pension
of leaving
- Monitor the operational status of ***life Insurance and report to HR manager
- Prepare briefing about retirement pension to employee once a year

3. Year-end tax
- Select supplier of year-end tax and arrange schedule.
- Year –end tax adjustment-collect documents/ provide the information required of staffs

4. Budget, and Financial Reporting
- On a monthly basis: To produce and submit the payroll journal to Finance Dept
- On a quarterly basis: To submit the Personnel latest estimates for all personnel to Finance
- On a yearly basis: To submit the Personnel Budget for all personnel costs to Finance dept
- Additional : To estimate 5 yr plan/3 yr plan for all personnel costs to Finance Dept.

5. Daily operation
- Timely response to staff inquiries building up effective communication with employees
- Issuance of requested certificates and documents
- Interaction with external vendors/agencies

6. Others
- Support to various HR projects
- Monthly payment request
- Congratulations and Condolences Program
- Arrange Medical check-up

- 4년제 대졸 이상
- 관련경력 6-8년 정도
- 1979년 이후
- 현업 경력 외 급여 아웃소싱 서비스 경력 지원 가능
- 회계법인/노무법인 경력 선호
- 조직/인사관리 관련지식 및 노동관계법 실무지식 보유
- MS Office능통 (Excel 고급)
- 기본 영어 능력

How to Apply
- Full CV (MS Word version) to lauren@peoplecare.co.kr
- Recruiter: LAUREN Exe.Director
- Mob. 010.5238.5819
경력 6년 이상 ~
담당컨설턴트 : Lauren
전화번호 :
E-Mail : lauren@peoplecare.co.kr
(* 궁금한 사항이 있으시면 언제든지 전화나 mail로 문의하세요)
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