PeooleCare Group invite an ablity engagement expert to lead 21st HR industry.

if you want to be a best in an employment compertent person, beginning with PeopleCare Group.
Your dream will surely come true.

The best consultant who has experienced and specialty at variety
industries which possess 60 consultant. We are the largest scale
company in Asia Pacific.
* Establish Sales Marketing Strategy and develop Client in each major.
* Job Description analysis and Search Proposal
* Found a candidate search strategy and resume screening.
* Candidate interview and valuation, write a recommendation report
* Control employment between Client and candidate
* Possess more than 2 years of experience and understanding search
* Can recommend a person that right understanding a target trend of
    industry and its specialty, the present of a main company.
* A person outstanding in communication, negotiation, and analysis.
* who has professionalism and passion.
* Ability of time management, and stress management.
* Technical skill : Excellent in MS Office (Word, Excel, Powerpoint)
* Preference who can speak English and a second foreign language.
  * As one of the largest firm in Asia Pacific, our company is spreading systemic and activity
       market for internal and external company.
  * We established the highest level in business system, database, and human network.
  * We are proper supporting that you can work as a consultant through genial and
      accommodative business culture.
  * The documents for submission : resume, self-introduction (please specify your career,
      outcome, a major, application reason and your desire as a consultant)
  * screening process
     - 1st : selection of candidates by examining their personal histories.
     - 2nd : Two times of interview.
  * Submission documents :
  * A reference : Tel : 822-552-2367