PeopleCare Group offers high quallity head hunting services with 60 dedicated head consultants by regisration one stop on-line resume for an optimum company

  You should be registered with your resume (career, scholarship, age, etc.) on our home page through  
  'affiliation membership'. Applicants' information remains confidential.
  If the recruitment company needs you, our consultant will contact you by phone or e-mail.
  And then we'll hear your present and future desire.
  Screening procedure, whether you are the proper person to our client or not.  
  After the official process, documented form will be sent to the client company.  
  Document containing your career history, entrance conditions, character etc.
  Selected candidate Interview will be arranged with company personal.
  If you and the company admit each other, the basic process will be completion,
  This mean you are employed.