setting up a project object.  
Business environment & understanding culture of the company.  
Comprehension client's needs  
Submit a proposal report.  
Contract year and associate charge.
Search plan  
close a contract
1st assortment : Search PeopleCare's DB  
2nd assortment : Proper candidate, on line interview.  
3rd assortment : Confrontation interview with applicant.  
Submit list of candidates
Screen a person in charge of client's company  
Check the interview schedule  
Advice regarding interview to candidate and client  
Feedback both side after interview.  
Evaluate candidate (Reference check, resume, etc.)
Submit of PeopleCare's recommendation.
Proceeding final interview
Notification hiring  
Arranging employment condition (annual salary & term etc.)  
Business Report  
clarify standing account
Advice both side continuously, when the applicant resign under the term of  
guarantee, recommend another candidate again.