Partner/Director, Jesica Park.
* Peoplecare Search recommend person who have been working in the fields of strategy,    planning, marketing and human resourse, based on a variety of human network such    as marketing, R&D, CEO , CFO and so on. We have a good capability of finding the    best person based on understanding our customers’ needs and analyzing on positions    you want to find. We also have strength on recommending the best person for a lot of    foreign companies of FMCG, Chemical/Bio, IT, Shipbuilding, Steel industry and finding    very experienced people such as CEO, Executives for domestic leading companies.
* We are aiming to win-win situation based on a good communicative skill and have a    wide range of human networks in the fields of FMCG, Cars, IT, Shipbuilding industry.    Recently we are trying to broaden our boundaries such as Financing
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Consultant Heoung Ja Park.
* BA in Pedagogy
* Shinsegae Department Store and Other Prominent ones/ Personnel Management &
  Customer consultant
* Recommendation expert in consumer, circulation, personage trading, education and
* Peoplecare Search / consultant
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Consultant Mi-Jeong Cho.
* BA in Business and law
* Executive Search Firm - executed various Financing, Consulting firm and IT projects
* Consulting experience in various fields: marketing, planning, HR, engineering and etc.
* Peoplecare Search / consultant
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