Partner/Managing Director, Rany Kim.
* The Graduate School of International Studies & Business communications in HK.
* BA, International Studies & Business administration.
* PR Manager & Marketing specialist for Marketing Research & Development of
   Consumer products in Foreign Company.
* BM Coordinator for Promotion-related Business marketing & counseling in
   Global Consulting firm.
* Assist Fortune Global 500, Identify high caliber Executives and Key persons.
* Care for Main Force in Consumer, FMCG, Domestic, Multinational, Foreign
   Companies and Professional Services Field.
* PeopleCare Search / Consultant
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Consultant Eung-Chul Kim.
* BA in Business administration.
* British American Tobacco Korea/Branch manager for 16 years.
* Various affairs in marketing, Sales, personage, accounts, and project.
* Recommendation key person in IT telecommunication, consumer and construction
   for domestic and multinational company.
* Plenty of knowledge and Experience in HR
* PeopleCare Search / Consultant
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Consultant In Kyu Lee.
* BA management in Chosun Univ.
* Sales and marketing dept in global fashion enterprise
* Worked at the global insurance company as a Finance Consultant
* Personal network and networking sources which include brain and prospective talent
   in the field of fashion businesses & circulation
* PeopleCare Search / Consultant
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