Consultant Eun-Jin Son.
* BA Chinese& language in sungshin women’s Univ.
* reporter of CIO magazine Korea Ltd.
* consultant / omnibrand consulting firm
* financial editor /Korea industrial research institute
* various experience in finance marketing strategy, analysing chinese market
* PeopleCare Search / Consultant
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Consultant Lauren Park
Lauren has been accumulating a various experience on HR, Marketing, and IT Sales Planning of Foreign IT companies and HR Consulting firms for about 10 years so far.
She is especially figured in catching the aristocracy of talent on the fields of Strategic Planning, Marketing, and HR in Banking/Finance IT, IT Consulting Firms and Retail businesses.
She is a master of psychology, and she has been spending much time to comprehend Client’s needs and requirements for each project with her specialization in social psychology. She now is recognized as an excellent consultant sincerely trying to increase both client’s outcome and candidate’s value through her communication skill and analytical skill.
* Peoplecare Search / consultant
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