Consultant Kwan-il Bae.
* BA in Electronics InHa Univ.
* Yonsei Industrial Graduate School/research for Data Communications & Computer
* Hyosung Computer R&D Lab.for OS & communication protocol/ Senior Engineer,
   - Leader of electron moneytary circulation and SI business for Japan.
* Winix Infor & Tele/ Director - Developed middleware of multinational corporation
* Career Consultant in InCruit/HR field
* Recommendation CEO, an officer, High rank engineer & marketer for IT.
* PeopleCare Search vkl/ Consultant
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Consultant Rudia Song
* Studied Master of Information Science in Emporia State University.
* Majored in Journalism in Ewha Woman's University.
* Fluent in English and Korean.
* Career in International related affairs such as protocol secretary, interpretation, and
* Accurate and analytic communicator with clientele.
* Care for domestic, multinational, foreign companies and professional service field.
* Strong research and analysis skill in searching for the best suitable candidates.
* PeopleCare Search/Consultant.
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