Partner/President, Joong Sik Shin.
* BA in chemical engineering
* Director of Samyang Tongsang Co., Ltd, Namchung CO.,LTD
* Specialized in production management, quality control, technical development
* Recommendation key person in field of chemistry, material industry
* PeopleCare Search / Consultant
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Consultant Joo-Seng Yun.

After majoring economics in university, Yun worked in human resources department of Hyundai group for 21 years, including three years of overseas service in China, and then worked as a management support executive in shipbuilding and engineering corporations. Making the best use of his years of experience in recruiting, he is going the extra mile to provide high-quality service for both employers and applicants. Accurately understanding the customers' needs and utilizing accumulated human network, Yun recommends the most suitable person to customer companies, while providing applicants with proper positions that best correspond to their personal experience and talents.

Consultant Mi-Han Yang.

I'm doing the best talent for the company as a reliable partner and offer hope to the applicant that the responsible head hunter. Know the value of human resources and the ability to maximize the excavation companies, and corporate management culture and values to meet the talent and will try our best.

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Consultant Eunn-Hui Gwon.

* BA in English Literature & Language.
* Work for STX Engine Korea Agent and Chief sales manager in Overseas Business    on Marine & Ship Dept over 8 years.
* Strong on Free & Technical Communication with foreign / domestic customers.
* Sensitive insight , steady perseverance & firm driving force for finding hidden talents.
* Multi-Consultant to work for various field industries.
* PeopleCare Search / Consultant

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Consultant Nam-Sik Roh

Andrew Roh has worked as Human Resources Specialist at foreign companies.
I can recommend the suitable candidates on the basis of working experiences.
I will conduct a direct search on behalf of the Client with confidentiality in the following progress steps as;

* Lead Project Order from Clients and Signing Service Agreement.
* Project Initiation, Setting Progress Plan with Time Schedule and Target Market.
* Desk search, Direct Approach and Listing up candidates’ long list.
* Process on Screening and Selecting by Evaluation and Pre-Interview.
* Present Candidates Profile Report.
* Interview Process by client.
* Offer, Negotiation and Signing on the Offer/Reference check.

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